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April 26, 2009


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Mika Lofton

Thanks for sharing this.

Quality and safety are key, but costs tend to be prohibitive to really achieving first two goals.

It's important to REDUCE (as opposed to cut) costs, prevent waste and generate revenue in order to facilitate safe, quality care. By improving quality and safety WHILE reducing costs, all goals are possible to achieve.

More and more technology is being recognized as the the only way this is possible. I'm not talking about EHRs. Studies are showing they don't have that much of a positive impact, and sometimes even negatively affect outcomes.

The culprit is still error -- manual data entry is inherently problemmatic. Auto-data capture without requiring staff to change the way they provide care has been proven to reduce and prevent errors, provide a mechanism for accuontability so that hiding "events" cannot occur, and to improve patient outcomes.

Check it out

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