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March 16, 2010


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John Self

The real "key" concerning the legitimacy of the operation is whether they lure you in with "job offering" only to try and sign you up for career counseling, career management or to give you access to their super secret database. Some press hard. Others do not. But that is a matter of style and it does not change the fact that bait and switch is a questionable business practice.

Leslie Barden

Thank you for this article. It is very timely! This very thing happened to me just this week. The scheduling caller was a fast talker and I was driving so I was not catching everything and when I went for the appointment they could not give me references, could not tell me how they got my name, nor who they had helped in my industry. But, they also did not do a full court press hard sales. What they shared was vague, but they did let me take some info home to look it over.

In today's market, the sense of panic does come because the hiring process is long and you feel the pressure to find something. Also, with all the stuff on blogs and all over the internet you got the feeling that job searching the "old" way will result in nothing and that all the youngsters lithe with social media are getting the jobs. I hope this is not true and I certainly will not fall prey to the dangers you describe. Thanks again for your sound advice John.

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