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July 07, 2010


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John Self

That type of situation has happened to every recruiter who has practiced for any length of time. In our case, the Face-to-Face interview normally lasts between 3.5 to 4 hours. If we "missed it" that badly on the telephone interview, we would devote an appropriate amount of time for the person but not the entire period. We would conduct a video interview. That would document the situation. We would be careful not to discriminate, or exhibit any behavior that might lead to a claim under ADA. That also protects the organization's recruiting brand.

I will be happy to chat with you about assessment tools. Contact my directly.



How should we handle a situation where the person who shows up for the interview doesn't come across as the as the one who we conducted a phone interview with. The candidate who showed up was very quiet and reserved and during the course of the onsite interview, informed us he used an amplification devise during the phone interview. While the candidate had the knowledge for the position, the candidate didn't have the demeanor we were looking for to hold the high level position. Should we just cut off the interview and thank them for their time, or continue the interview? We want to be respectful of their time, but also those conducing the interviews.



Would you be willing to share some tools with those who read your blog? Providing an example of an interview feedback form would be helpful.


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