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August 24, 2010


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Gregg Masters

At Irvine Medical Center in south Orange County, CA, in the late 80s we introduced the then 'hospital of the future' complete with central spine mall, that pioneered service line (orthopedics, cardio, etc), fully integrated management pods vs. the then and still today love affair with departmental silos. Many scoffed and laughed. Unfortunately, the visionary, John Gaffney, could not withstand the increasing pressure from his superiors feeling the heat for the under performance of American Medical International (pre sale to the Pritzker Group).

As Area VP for Managed Care I was tasked with building the target contracting portfolio. Needless to say, Gaffney did not survive and the grand vision, though intellectually appealing, stalled with a steady return to the default command and control culture (C&C).

I am not entirely convinced, the industry has let go of this C&C addiction per se. We'll see; when threatened, most return to what they know best. To embrace this new partner, associate, talent driven vision requires risk taking in the face of a very uncertain future.

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