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September 29, 2011


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The DiSC(c) is an excellent tool, but it is just ONE tool. You should also assess what you think your strengths and developmental needs are and engage colleagues or friends who know you at work to get their perspective. You may want to take the DiSC(c) from a vendor who will also share their professional insights.

Other things you will want to consider:

Personal vision statement -- where do you want to be professionally, personally.

Journaling - Golfers, tennis players and other athlete's practice almost daily to perfect their game. But what do leaders practice to get better? Thoughtful -- regulated -- thought. Think critically about you key decisions, how you could have improved the decision and communication process, and then plan to improve your processes and interactions with colleagues and direct reports. Right it down -- not the self congratulatory crap, but critical insights....

Learning - Great leaders are always learning, from reading to professional development seminars. I am not big into the motivational pep rally self-help meetings. OK maybe one or two, but after that there must be more substance to the learning. I provide a reading list on the blog. I am currently reading Talent Masters -- Ram Charan and Bill Conaty -- who discuss how great companies approach their human capital needs. I just finished a historical piece -- Berlin 1961: Kennedy Khrushchev and the Most Dangerous City in the World, great insights into how two supposed bright people bungled their way to avoiding war. This book shows what happens when people miscalculate. There are some other good reads on the list. But commit to lifelong learning.

Finally, decide what is important in your personal life. Marriage, family? Balance those issues with your professional goals. If you aspire to be at the top of a major organization, your climb will require long hours and much sacrifice. There is a price to pay. I am always amused and amazed when people nod their heads and then are frustrated or surprised when they actually have to make those hard decisions, as if they were immune to the realities.

Good luck.

Rob Wane

I am considering DISC tests and tools for me to assess my self more and an in depth understanding to my capabilities and weaknesses will be a good tool for change and development.

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