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March 12, 2012


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The cost advantages you refer to are a mixed bag. Our candidate screening interview, based on Topgrading(c) is 3.5 hours long. It has been critical to our extraordinary selection success on a 3-year placement guarantee. That amount of time is prohibitive for videoconference sites, as in one airplane ticket easily. But the important point to remember is that you cannot get a true field of the candidate through the filter of a videoconference.

Nellie D. Couch

Video conferencing is an ideal technology for interviewing candidates, and it offers tremendous benefits to recruitment specialist in terms of flexibility and opportunity. Client companies often want to review people fairly quickly before making costly and committed decisions, but the expense of flying candidates all over the world, and then allocating executive time for preliminary and final interviews can be prohibitive.

Sample Assessments

Thanks for making clear about this important aspect.

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